Thicker Fog

by Brown Snake Kills Dog

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2nd DIY release from Brown Snake Kills Dog. One short track, one long one. Limited to 30 copies only.

A fella wrote about our releases. Quite nice of him, really:

"I've had a listen to both releases by these guys and the thing that strikes me the most about Brown Snake Kills Dog [BSKD] is that they play songs. As in they have structures. Yeah, theres a layer of noise/feedback/whatever weaving in and out of it all but underneath it, there is a structure, be it a sad lonely guitar playing a reprieve, or a bass pushing through the noise, pulsing away underneath, at times gently pushing [and at times not so gently pushing] and never quite letting the noise take over. The noise element though... its at times sickening and at times soothing. And at other times, its perfect for whatever mood youre in and whatever form you want the song to take.

'Others see what we are blind to' has an almost 80s goth vibe to it [think Hateful Abandons Famine here, not siouxsie and the banshees] with Track 4 -The West Wind Brings Locusts- being the standout for me. Easing in with gentle guitar chords and creeping up on you, the song builds to a crescendo and then falls back in on itself, ending in a kind of chaos that seems to make sense.

The newer release of the two -Thicker Fog- is a little more true to what you would expect of ALs other efforts. Track one has some spoken word in there with a high pitched whine that grates and hooks in equal measure before moving onto more drone-y efforts in track 2, a creeper that just goes until youre sitting there and realise its stopped. Followed by a desire to play it again [Sam]. In the back of it all though, there is still that structure, youll find that you listen for it, strain to hear whats going on or -as happened to me- not even realise that youre humming along to it.

Dont get me wrong, theres still noise and feedback and ambience here and plenty of it but in the realm of noise/drone/ambient/whatever you want to call it, these guys are seasoned. It may be a while between cups as the Pacific doesnt appear to be getting any smaller anytime soon but whatever comes next will be well worth the wait."


released March 12, 2013

AL = texture
JS = foundation



Brown Snake Kills Dog Brisbane, Australia

AL - Texture
JS - Foundation

Real instruments and fake computers used during construction.
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